Farm & Gardens

“The best food starts with the finest ingredients” simply stated by Sarah Noonan, Moy Farm Manager. 

 Often if you want something done right, the best way to do it is to do it yourself! – and that is exactly what we do here at Moy House.

 Moy Farm's 22 acre farm is where our culinary journey begins. Home to our hens, pigs, sheep and Dexter cows. We farm to the highest welfare standards possible, all our animals are pasture reared and free to graze the wild Atlantic countryside! Our philosophy is simple; a happy animal means a happy farmer, a happy chef and untimately a happy diner!

 The polytunnels and kitchen gardens inspire our menus, supplying the kitchen with a variety of botanical delights. Beit the first shoots of purple sprouting broccoli, super sweet strawberrys or sun ripened heirloom tomatoes, there’s always a seasonal star! 

'Doing it yourself' may often sound like a fairy tale but it’s a story (and often a muddy one!) that we at Moy House know from beginning to end.