To take a seat for dinner in the restaurant at Moy House, enveloped by the majesty and natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, is to take your place for the pivotal act of life's continuous play. 

The journey to the Moy House table begins deep in the winter; seaweed is harvested, organic fertilsers are spread, seeds are planted and livestock is reared  and born.Our Executive Chef, Matthew Strefford works in a symbiotic partnership with the Moy Farm gardeners Claire and Sarah to plan the fresh, daily menus around the seasonal produce and herbs that the Moy Farm and gardens have to offer.  

The Moy House six course tasting menu changes daily, utilising the finest seafood caught daily by our local fishermen and the highest quality meats, poultry and game sourced from Moy Farm and local butchers. These main ingredients are complimented by the wide range of botanical delights that the Moy Farm and Garden estate provides. Each morning, the final decisions are made and the last minute touches put into place, flowers are picked for the tables and the gardens are inspected; if the Heirloom tomatoes or fresh peas are at their sweetest, they will be picked and brought to the Moy House kitchen for preparation, if the weather has been kind and the strawberries are scarlet red, then they may well bring down the final curtain that evening. 


Moy House aims to provide honest, seasonal cooking in its purest form, executed using classical and contemporary techniques. Coupling this approach with the natural beauty of the great lands surrounding the hotel and farm , we hope you enjoy many a night to remember with us here at Moy!