"Spring drew on.....a greenness grew on those brown beds which freshing daily suggested the thought that hope transversed them at night and left each morning brighter traces of her steps"


                Charlotte Bronte


Spring ....the word you are almost afraid to utter. It is a word that brings with it a promise. A promise and a hope that lights the way through the wild, wet winter here on the edge of the Atlantic.


It has been a difficult winter for farmers. "The worse one in years" the resounding statement of the seasoned workers of the land. The seemingly never ending rain has saturated the land meaning we've had to house the animals in order to preserve the land. Keeping them happy, warm and fed is a full time job.


Our lambing season has finished. it was a very hetic time, the pregnant ewes having to be checked every three hours in case they need a helping hand. Dragging yourself from bed on the cold January nights is no easy task , but worth it when you see the frisky lambs frolicking through the fields. These lambs will feature on our menus for the season ahead, be it with the first shoots of wild garlic or garden peas that's for our chef to decide.


Midnight one January night saw our Dexter cow with attitude, Momma T give birth to a little calf as black as midnight himself. He is a hardy little fellow with as much attitude as his mother!


In the garden seed sowing has begun.

 Last year we built a greenhouse for propagating our seeds and it is already filling up fast. The first peas, salads, herbs, leafy greens, brassicas , chillies, aubergines and the always coveted tomatoes. We are trailing a few new varieties of tomatoes this year it will be interesting if any can match the never failing deliciousness of 'sungold' (watch this space). Seed saved from last years Jerusalem artichoke's have been planted in our no dig beds. 


Working in the garden , jacket cast aside beginning to shed the layers  in the warm February sun , the cheery daffodils nod their heads in agreement .....spring is no longer a promise is here.